What’s the deal with Penis Extenders

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What’s the deal with Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders by PrimeN are a relatively safe way and possibly the only effective non-surgical way for penis enlargement & male enhancement.

This week we all heard the news that there is a new kid in the town, a new company came up with a new device & design to revolutionize the penile extender industry to the next levels.

What are the differences between Penis Extenders and Pumps?

There are two major differences:

1- Pumps are mostly a girth-enhancement device, but extenders are mostly used for lengthening purposes.

2- Penile extenders must be worn for hours a day to be effective, but wearing pumps for hours can be quite impossible and even painful due to edema.

This type of Penile stretchers can be used instead of V-packs and dowels. It is usually made of plastic or fireproof yarn or threaded rubber with a metal coating. These seals are used for low pressure parts. In fact, the sealing agent is based on the drop in fluid pressure along the sheath. The reason that packings should have plastic properties (formability) is to adjust the amount of compression on the sleeves (pods) and also have elastic properties to absorb energy and not damage the rotating component and be placed in the form of rings inside the sealing chamber. The frictional energy (heat) generated by the rotation of the extender shaft is dissipated through the leakage of a small amount of liquid from the shell or by the cooling chamber behind it or the use of both. Penis Extenders are made of different materials and have different types.

Asbestos: Used for low temperatures. These packings are previously lubricated with graphite or oil.

Metallic: These packings are used for high pressures and temperatures. Metallic packings are a combination of metal foil (copper, aluminum, babbit, etc.) with graphite or other lubricants. Lubrication plays an important role in this seal because if it works dry, it will scratch the contact surface, for example, the cylinder.

Mechanical seals: (Also called spring seals)

The seals described so far were mainly packing. Using packings as seals is not always appropriate and practical. By tightening the gland bolts, the friction and energy created reduce the life and damage of the pods. On the other hand, some liquids such as butane and propane are solvent lubricants for packings, in which case the sealing accuracy is lost. For the reasons mentioned above, as well as when the amount of leakage should be minimal, mechanical seals are used.

In mechanical seals, the sealing surface is perpendicular to the axis, while in seals, the sealing surface is in contact with the shaft or sleeve itself. Although mechanical seals are made in different types, their working principles are the same and they have two fixed components connected to the shell and a rotating component connected to the shaft (or sheath) and a spring fastens the two parts together. There is also a rubber diaphragm for lateral movement (tangential). Mechanical seals are usually made of metal and rubber. Sometimes the rotating part of the seal is made of coated steel. Of course, the surface between the rotating and fixed rings is very polished and is basically made of two different materials, silicon and carbon carbide.

A layer of liquid with cooling and lubricating properties minimizes friction. Mechanical rings (seal rings) are in two positions relative to the Penis Extender, the rotating ring may be on the inside and towards the impeller, or it may be located on the outside and not in contact with the Extender liquid. In both cases, there are only three important points that are effective in sealing:

Between the fixed rim and the shell

Between rotating ring and shaft (shaft sheath)

Between fixed and movable rims (fixed and movable mechanical parts)

Sealing in the first case is done by Extender and o-rings. In the second case, it is done by the rings, and in the third case, it is done by direct and close contact of two rings, which are always compressed by a spring.

The remarkable thing about the rims is that these rims are weak and damaged by their special material against axial force (load), but they are very resistant to abrasion and are worn with some wear again by the spring between them. . For this reason, one of the causes of their deterioration is the entry of Penis Extender. Depending on their gender, they are usually brittle


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